Office of the Chancellor

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Office of the Chancellor
  • Elnor C. Roa, Ph.D. - Chancellor
  • Emmylou A. Emperador, Ph.D. - Campus Secretary
  • Nerissa D. Roa - Staff
  • Melgrace S. Dagonio - Staff

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The Office of the Chancellor (OC) manages the overall supervision and administration of the Mindanao State University at Naawan. It oversees campus operations through the following main offices:

Also, by the nature of their functions, the following offices are directly under the supervision of the Office of the Chancellor:


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31st Commencement Exercises July 23, 2019

Message of the Chancellor - 31st Commencement Exercises

My warmest congratulations to each and every graduate of the Class 2019 for surviving the rigors of college life and for emerging victorious after several long years. I am rejoicing with you, with your parents and your mentors as you walk down the aisle, draped in your academic regalia, and receiving your diplomas as proof of your achievement. May this new chapter of your life be a springboard to greater accomplishments.

Today is another milestone in your journey. After years of perseverance and burning passion to achieve your goal, finally you made it! Your graduation is not the end but the beginning of another exciting chapter of your life-a new path, new direction, new challenges.

On this 31st Commencement Exercises, we anchor on the theme, “Promoting Filipinnovation and global excellence through empowered entrepreneurial and industrial competencies.” As graduates of Mindanao State University at Naawan, may the qualities of innovativeness, entrepreneurial and industrial competencies be your armor in your quest for success in life and in overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds.

You will be faced with many difficulties outside the thresholds of the Campus. Your grit and perseverance will be tested once you are already in your workplace. But as a true mark of an MSUan, do not put a limit to what you can do. Exert a 100% effort and be the best wherever you are and in whatever you do. Go travel and see the world. Get rich and famous. Fall in love and start a family. Invent, innovate, and start an enterprise. Be a scientist. Be an educator. Be a researcher. Be yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Above all else, be friendly, be generous and be considerate.

So as we bid you farewell and we wish you great success, we are confident that today and throughout the years to come, you will strive to Lead, Innovate, Inspire and Transform and make your alma mater proud. With God as your pilot, you will never fail.

Soar high Class 2019!

Mabuhay kayo Class of 2019, congratulations, and God bless you always!