Mindanao State University at Naawan


Research and Development Centers
  • Institute of Fisheries Research & Development Center
  • Sea Cucumber Research Development Center
  • Crab Hatchery Center
  • Aquatic Resources and Ecosystems Research (To be implemented)
  • Terrestrial &  Human Resource Research Unit (To be implemented)
  • Innovation Unit (To be implemented)
  • Research Output & Data Section  (To be implemented)
  • Analytical/Chemistry Laboratory
  • Microbiology/Fish Health Laboratory
  • Food Organism Laboratory
  • Molecular Biology Laboratory
  • Research on Environmental and Nanotechnology Laboratories (ReyLabs)
  • Fish Health Laboratory
  • Post-harvest & Product Development Laboratory (To be implemented)
  • Feed Formulation Laboratory (To be implemented)
  • Natural History, Taxonomy Systematics Laboratory (To be implemented)
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