Dr. Gonzales speaks on a summer course in Indonesia

by Giame Mercado-Solde | August 01, 2022

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Dr. Ruby C. Gonzales, MSU at Naawan Director for Research, is one of the professional and expert lecturers of the summer course on Tropical Sea Farming and Integrated Coastal Management .

The Summer Course on Tropical Sea Farming and Integrated Coastal Management is hosted by Center for Coastal and Marine Resources Studies (CCMRS) IPB University at Bogor, West Java, Indonesia and will run from August 1-10, 2022.

The lectures are hybrid—having in-person participants and online participants from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, East Timor, and the Philippines, including MSU at Naawan students.

Summer course participants are undergraduate students enrolled in the second to fourth year as an undergraduate student who are representatives from cross-disciplines of Marine Science, Fisheries, and Aquaculture. After the 10-day summer course, aside from getting lectures and discussions from professionals and experts, participants will also have learning materials, certificates, and 3-unit credit earning.  view gallery