MSUN signs RFA with CHED

by Giame Mercado-Solde | July 08, 2022

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On July 8, 2022, despite her tight schedule, Chancellor Dr. Elnor C. Roa, together with Dr. Rey Y. Capangpangan and Asst. Prof. Kaent Immanuel N. Uba, went to Laguindingan Airport to claim, sign, and hand over the Research Funding Agreement (RFA) that will be submitted to CHED. The RFA is all about the CHED-PCARI funded projects that the university will venture on as a collaborator.

The following are the CHED PCARI Projects that MSU at Naawan will have collaborations with:

1. Development of Paper-based Colorimetric Sensor Utilizing Varied Sizes of Gold Nanoparticles for Rapid and On-Site Detection of Various Meat Products Spoilage
2. Phytochemical Characterization of Macroalgae for Food and High Value Products (PhyvoPRO)
3. Real-time Monitoring and Early Warning for HABs using High Throughput Imaging and Molecular Methods (HABs Watch)

Truly, in whatever circumstance, the university always strive to get to the bottom of things even if it means signing an RFA inside a vehicle.  view gallery