Crab pond production, an extension project of MSU Naawan

by Giame Mercado-Solde | April 01, 2022

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2020 was a lucky year for MSU at Naawan despite the onslaught of the pandemic as the university was granted by the Committee on Aquaculture and Fisheries Resources and the Committee Appropriations the House Bill No. 2162 which was introduced by Rep. Abdullah D. Dimaporo and Rep. Mohamad Khalid Q. Dimaporo, entitled: "AN ACT ESTABLISHING A CRAB HATCHERY FOR THE PRODUCTION AND MULTIPLICATION OF MUD CRABS IN MINDANAO STATE UNIVERSITY- NAAWAN, PROVINCE OF MISAMIS ORIENTAL, AND APPROPRIATING FUNDS THEREFOR.

As a mark to being true to its commitment, MSU at Naawan has been conducting continuing research and experimentation on crab species culture to discover new methods and technology that will rejuvenate the mud crab industry especially as they apply to local weather conditions since the effectivity of the act.
On March 29, 2022, officials from MSU at Naawan visited the BFAR Training Center in Pacita, Lala, Lanao del Norte to conduct a focus group discussion on the needs assessment on the Crab Pond Production with the Crab Pond operators of Lanao del Norte Aquaculture Producers’ Association Inc. (LANAPA), LGU representatives, and BFAR Region X.

The meeting started with a presentation of the project updates on Crab Hatchery as discussed by Dr. Ruby C. Gonzales, the Director for Research of MSU at Naawan. The focus group discussion on the needs assessment on crab pond production was then started as initiated by Prof. Renoir A. Abrea, VCRE; Prof. Mariefe B. Quinones, Director for Extension; Dr. Aida D. Perpetua, University Extension Development Specialist; and the Chancellor herself, Dr. Elnor C. Roa.
During the meeting and the discussion of needs for the project, MSU at Naawan and the stakeholders come up with an agreement to add value, advance strategies and increase competitive advantages of the production so other communities in Lanao del Norte could also benefit with the project.

The following are just few of what has been agreed on during the visit: the university will produce the “langaw-langaw” or crablets and take charge in providing technical assistance in the growing of crabs especially in the nursery to grow-out ponds. A Memorandum of Agreement will then be forged between MSU at Naawan and stakeholders to strengthen the institutional arrangement in the delivery of service in the management of crab resources in Panguil Bay.
The University will also assist and continually research on the examination of the water quality and the effect of invasive species.

What was considered as a minor fishery product is now an export commodity and a foreign exchange earner. The meeting adjourned with everyone excited and looking forward to the realization of the crab management as it provides income and livelihood to many Filipinos. With the increase in prices and demand from both domestic and foreign markets, crab pond industry in the Philippines has increasingly developed thus making the project very beneficial to its partner-beneficiaries.  view gallery