Chancellor Roa Inks Usufruct Agreement to Develop MSUN-RISE

by CAT | May 24, 2021

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On May 20, 2021 in a brief ceremony right in Barangay Lubilan, Chancellor Roa signs a usufruct agreement with Pastor Rhenerio A. Dadulo, owner of land parcels located at Barangay Lubilan around 15 km from Naawan Poblacion. Usufruct, as embodied in our country’s Civil Code, gives a second party the right to enjoy the property of another with the obligation of preserving its form and substance. Today’s agreement stipulates the use of about three hectares of land for MSU-Naawan through its College of Agriculture and Forestry to develop as a diversified agroforestry demo-farm for research and extension activities of the university and eventually as a learning site in support to academic programs to be known as MSUN-RISE.

A ribbon cutting ritual at the entrance to the farm kicks off the signing/launching ceremony after which the entourage of about 30 people, following a wine pouring rite on the steps, advances on the ascending concrete walkway leading to the little bamboo house cum lecture hall atop a hill.

After a brief pleasantries and opening prayer, Dean Mechie Ann Florida of CAF gives the overview how MSUN-RISE which stands for Mindanao State University at Naawan and RhenDadz Integrated and Sustainable Ecological Farm was formed. Immediately, Pastor Dadulo and Chancellor Roa exchange words of commitment. Pastor Dadulo shares his family’s journey to develop this area for the benefit of as many people as possible. They have had numerous efforts in the past to develop agroforestry and raise tilapia in the area among many others. After some while, Ptr. Dadulo realized that no one in the family can no longer devote the needed time and attention to pursue those dreams. Speaking in vernacular he expresses his high hopes that the cooperation between MSUN and Dadulo family is a spark of momentum. Ang wala mahitabo kaniadto, mahitabo na karon (What could not be done before can now be accomplished). He expresses his own self as the commitment to support MSUN-RISE. Before ending, he shares some metaphors and symbolisms that add flare to the gathering – the wine that was poured on the walkway symbolizes the blood of Christ, the cake that his family brought for the ceremony is a symbol of fellowship, solidarity, the sweetness of our dream and the benefit itself to be shared by all.

“Why could not this be done before?”, Chancellor Roa throws a candid question before she spells out MSUN’s commitment. Simply because there was not yet a College of Agriculture and Forestry at that time - candid words to reply a candid question that everyone can fully agree. MSUN’s College of Agriculture and Forestry only became a full-fledged academic unit in 2008. The Chancellor expresses her full support for the realization of MSUN-RISE and there be no reason that future officials of the school will renege to support this endeavour. The presence of key officials of the school in the persons of Prof. Grace Prado, Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ruby Gonzales, Director for Research, Prof. Mariefe Quiñones and CAF’s full force manifests MSUN’s interest on this cooperation.

In her closing remarks, Vice Chancellor Prado looks at this milestone in three angles: one, this is an added feather to MSUN’s cap; two, this augments CAF’s points in its quest for accreditation and three, a commendable outcome of extension linkage of Director Mariefe B. Quiñones, who first got the good news from Dadulo’s family.

After some pictures taken for posterity, the group enjoy a simple lunch at the site with hearts full of expectation for the best to happen in this place.  view gallery