CHED commends MSU Naawan for its “Bayanihan spirit”

by JLAV | May 01, 2020

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The Bayanihan efforts of MSU Naawan (MSUN) constituents did not go unnoticed as CHED presented a certificate of commendation in grateful acknowledgment and deep appreciation of the dedicated service of MSU Naawan to the people of Naawan during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, the Bayanihan spirit is burning bright, alive and well in the Mindanao State University at Naawan as it responds quickly to the emerging crisis. The MSUN community undertakes various initiatives to address social problems brought by the enhanced community quarantine and manifests acts of kindness. In particular, MSUN facilities are being utilized as community isolation areas; MSUN -Extension provides food to healthcare frontliners and relief goods to localities. MSUN- NEMPCO doled out food packs to the less fortunate. The Supreme Student Council (SSC) thru the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) also stepped forward to deliver various forms of assistance and initiated in coordinating with other groups to send home stranded students. In due course, an Ad-hoc committee was created to work on the transport of the MSU Naawan stranded students Chaired and Co-chaired by The Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the SSC President/Student Regent. Even the campus-based MSU Alumni Chapter donated some amount to provide food packs to the stranded students and to help send them home after the lockdown was lifted.

Also, MSUN takes action in disinfecting environmental surfaces to prevent the spread of virus which is done once a week.

“…in many ways, the health of our community and the future of MSUN is in our hands. As I see it, it won’t be the case that we can simply put the key in the lock, open the door, and step into the world as it was before. However, our thoughts, our energies, our resources must turn to looking forward, despite the unseen enemy, we must commit to a cause higher than ourselves. We must help those who need our help. I am saying that we must open our facilities, if we must.” -Chancellor Elnor C. Roa, PhD

“No act of kindness however small is ever wasted.” –Aesop
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