Message of the Chancellor to MSU Naawan Students

by Administrator | April 22, 2020

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My dear students, the time has come to bid goodbye to the Second Semester of AY 2019-2020. It had been a very challenging journey with unfinished school requirements and other unfinished business. So many “what ifs” and “what now” scenarios but passing your courses largely depends on your performance before the lockdown. Giving your best at the very start of your classes is an assurance that you will have passing marks.

Apparently, meeting you again in person before the end of this semester is already impossible. COVID-19 has practically disrupted our normal activities. We miss you and would have wanted to personally encourage you to be strong and be courageous in these trying times of your life. Thanks to technology, we can still do the same virtually.

Being a product of an unfinished semester is not a measure of your success in the future. It is an opportunity to be creative in your learning strategies. Make the most of your time during this quarantine season. Learn more. Hone your mind to focus on positive and productive thoughts. This is the time for soul searching and meditation. Nourish your spiritual life. Endeavor to become a better version of yourself after this lockdown.
For the graduating students, you have my sympathy. Graduation is a very important milestone in your life but please understand that your safety is of utmost priority. But don’t lose hope, we will pray for miracles.

For the stranded students, it’s time to send you back to where you belong. In moments like these, being with your family is the best place on earth to be. Cherish your moments with your family because life is too short. Your parents will not be with you forever. During this lockdown, it is time to repay them of their sacrifices. Do the chores, play together, pray together. Be the best child a parent could have. When this crisis is over you will have no time for them since you will be back to your daily grind.

All of us are facing the same unseen enemy. The number of infected cases continues to increase but know that GOD is in control. Side by side we will do our best with the grace and mercy of GOD to defeat this virus.

My heart yearns to see you again next semester. Keep safe, be healthy, develop a positive outlook despite these uncertainties and confusion around us. Most of all pray that this will be over soon.

My virtual hugs to all of you. GOD bless us all.

Chancellor II
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