MSUN Organizes Gender Sensitivity Training

by Blessa Kay F. Caballero, Ph.D. | February 02, 2018

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On January 17-19, 2018, Mindanao State University at Naawan organized a three-day Gender-Sensitivity Training at the MSUN-IFRD Conference Room. The said training was participated by the Gender and Development-Focal Point System (GAD-FPS) and heads of all Campus Units. Dr. Nimfa L. Bracamonte, Mr. Rashid Bangcolongan, Al Haj, and Mr. Jose Dennis Mancia from the Philippine Commission on Women served as Resource Speakers who talked about GAD History, Issues, Legal Mandate, Planning and Budgeting, and the use of the Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) Tool.

The said activity raised the level of consciousness among participants as to the importance of GAD. Not only were the discussions filled with thought-provoking facts and information but also the way the speakers packaged their message was also very powerful and interesting. They had activities that were fun and memorable. Participants were asked to play roles that depict certain GAD issues.

With the active leadership of Dr. Proserpina G. Roxas (MSUN Chancellor) and Prof. Aida G. Perpetua (Chairperson GAD Focal Point System), the Gender Sensitivity Training ended successfully, producing the GAD Plan and Budget (GPB). Gender issues were identified as well as the cause of these problems, and offered possible solutions to these problems.

The participants were grouped into different areas and each area was reported by the following:

Health Dr. Deanna Pauleen Valdez
Infrastructure Engr. Danilo Rubio
Education Ms. Ana Lee Vequizo
Agriculture Mr. Jerico Consolacion
ICT Mr. Rafael Vicente
DRRM Ms. Columba Dadole
Fisheries Prof. Dan Arriesgado
Project Implementation Prof. Aida Perpetua

The above areas or groups cover a broad spectrum of themes but as a University, MSUN looks forward to the vision of being a gender-sensitive campus. As Dr. Proserpina G. Roxas puts it: “We will really implement what we put in the plan.”   view gallery