MSUN manifested its quality of service as hub for knowledge, skills and technology transfer in Mindanao

by Elgen Arriesgado | November 12, 2017

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The Extension Division proactively transforms MSUN’s research outputs into impacts by providing platforms and venues to transfer new discoveries. The on-going extension project, ‘Building Resilience and Poverty Alleviation Through Tilapia-Based Skills and Livelihood Development in Northern Mindanao’ serves as a vehicle for technology transfer this year. It is funded by CHED and headed by the Chancellor, Dr. Proserpina G. Roxas. More than 80 household beneficiaries has benefited from the project in terms of acquiring skills and initial inputs for tilapia production from hatchery to post harvest. The project also highlighted in particular the techniques to combat climate change as well as on gender and development aspect were women are given special opportunity to acquire skills on entrepreneurship including innovative value addition technique on tilanggit production, feed formulation using locally available feedstuffs, book keeping and improved packaging. The tangible impact of the project was highly appreciated by the beneficiaries. One of them is Oliver M. Arumbo, from San Luis, Agusan del Sur who claimed and said, “The most significant contribution of the project into my life is on the knowledge I acquired during the trainings. Beyond trainings, my learning has expanded leading to new windows of opportunities for innovation that I am now adopting”. Their group is now formulating feeds to culture tilapia and is also selling boneless dried tilapia, called tilanggit. When further asked on the livelihood benefits derived from the adoption of the technologies that has been introduced by the project, he acknowledged a 40% increased to his present income. The extension activities have been making greater heights in improving the quality of lives of several communities in Northern Mindanao and Caraga regions.  view gallery