Why Protect IP?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) drives national economy through growth in research, innovation and employment. It ensures consumers and families that product purchased are safe and guaranteed. It drives economic growth and competitiveness, encourage innovation, creates and supports high paying job and reward scientists and entrepreneurs. Thus, domestic and international protection of IPs is worth the effort.

MSUN Intellectual Property Rights Office

MSUN IPRO is responsible for IP protection, IP technology transfer, IP commercialization and IP management. It serves as the channel through which the technology developers and technology seekers can connect and accomplish technology transfer processes.


A leading institution in Mindanao providing solutions to the protection and management of intellectual property.


A knowledge driven organization responsive to development initiatives and intellectual pursuits that promotes intellectual property awareness among the public through high-quality services in IP initiatives.


  • Promote IP Creation
  • Facilitate IP Protection
  • Support Technology Commercialization

National Policies

RA 8293

An act providing a magna carta for scientists, engineers, researchers and other science and technology personnel in government to achieve and maintain the necessary reservoir of talent and manpower that will sustain its drive for total science and technology mastery.

RA 10055

An act providing the framework and support system for the ownership, management, use, and commercialization of intellectual property generated from research and development funded by government and for other purposes.


University Policies

MSU IP Policies

This IP Policy applies to all MSU academic and research staff, students, including professors and researchers who participate in research and development projects of the Institute.


We've got what you need!

  • Invention Disclosure Form
    • Invention disclosure forms will expedite the process on the preparation of patent draft by the patent agent. It will enable the MSUN IPRO to plan the IP protection and to advise on the best market route of the invention.
    • MSUN IPRO will assess the commercial viability of your invention/technology and arrange a meeting with you to discuss your disclosure further, and to brief you on the policies and procedures of the university on intellectual property rights upon receipt of submission.
Helpful Links

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