1. Senior High School Report Card
  2. MSU-SASE Report of Rating
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by Principal/Guidance Counselor
  4. Police Clearance
  5. Photocopy of (NSO/PSA) Birth Certificate
  6. Long Brown envelope
  1. Honorable Dismissal
  2. Transcript of Record for Evaluation
  3. MSU - SASE Report of Rating
  4. Cert. of Good Moral Character from School last attended
  5. ID Picture - 1 x 1 (2 copies) - 2 x 2 (2 copies)
  6. Long Brown Envelope
  7. Police Clearance
  8. Entrance and Miscellaneous Fees
  9. Self addressed envelope with mailing stamp
  10. Photocopy of (NSO/PSA) Birth Certificate


  1. Transcript Of Record (TOR)
  2. Honorable Dismissal
  3. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  4. ID Picture - 1 x 1 (2 copies) - 2 x 2 (2 copies)
  5. Photocopy of (NSO/PSA) Birth Certificate
  1. Start of Application - First Week of May
  2. Interview and Exam - Third week of May
  3. Notification of Admission - Last week of May
  4. Registration Period - As indicated in the University Calendar
  5. Download SGS Application Form

Integrated Developmental School

  1. 6pcs - 1.5 x 1.5 ID Picture
  2. Photocopy of (NSO/PSA) Birth Certificate
  3. Grade 10 Report Card with Learner Reference Number
  4. Certificate of Junior High School Completion
  5. Certificate of Good Moral Character
  6. QVR Certificate (Qualified Voucher Applicants From Private Schools Only)
  7. NCAE result
  8. 1 long-size brown envelope
  9. 1 long-size folder
  10. Result of Admission Test (for Non IDS completers)
  1. Students seeking admission should pass the IDS Admission Examination.
  2. Freshman students must undergo the Summer Enrichment Program prior to enrollment.
  3. Requirements for Incoming Freshman:
    • Form 138 (Report Card)
    • Certificate of Good Moral Character signed by the Principal
    • Admission Evaluation Science Curriculum/Secondary General Education Curriculum
    • Five copies of 1" x 1" picture: Library(2), Guidance Record(1) and Permanent Record(2)
    • Two pieces long MANILA envelope.
  1. Transfer-out
    Any student may be issued proper Certificate of Transfer or leave from the MSUN-IDS at any time during the school year provided he is cleared of all school property and/or accountabilities.
  2. Transfer-in
    • No Transferee shall be admitted in any year level.
    • In case the number of students enrolled in a year section does not reach the maximum, the school administration may conduct an admission examination to deserving applicants in order to fill the vacant enrolment slots in accordance with the established policy on admission.
    • Unless otherwise recommended by the MSUN-IDS Principal, no student shall be allowed to transfer anytime during the academic year except during enrollment or in the first week of the school year.
  3. Transferees to IDS shall be classified into:
    • Former student not dismissed from the IDS who transferred to another school but wants to return to IDS.
    • New tranferee - student who has never studied in the IDS.
  4. Applicants for transfer to the IDS whether returnee/or new should have the following standing:
    • He should not have a failing grade during the final grading period in his previous school last attended.
    • He was not dismissed from the school last attended for disciplinary reasons.
    • He has passed the IDS qualifying examination taken once.
    • A transferee shall present the following:
      • Report Card (Form 138)
      • Certificate of Good Moral Character