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Office of International Affairs and Linkages


The OIAL endeavors to become a prime mover in advocating cross-cultural understanding and international education towards transformative global learning opportunities, diversity, and inclusivity.


OIAL directs, leads, coordinates, promotes, and supports comprehensive campus internationalization initiatives throughout MSU Naawan’s teaching, research, and service efforts, by developing and maintaining international partnerships and infusion of informed international content, knowledge, awareness, and experience with the ultimate goal to prepare globally competent graduates and researchers.

REY Y. CAPANGPANGAN, Ph.D., RCh - Director

Office of International Affairs and Linkages

The Office of International Affairs and Linkages (OIAL) is a division under the Office of the Chancellor. It serves as a primary hub and coordinating office for international engagements of Mindanao State University at Naawan. The office is in charge of developing and implementing international affairs policies and guidelines; collaborating and supervising bilateral and multilateral relations and programs with foreign partners, providing support for international engagement on campus or abroad; and coordinating with the international diplomatic relations strategy with key government agencies and diplomatic missions overseas. The office will serve as a platform to facilitate active engagement in multicultural curricula in making students and/or faculty researchers discover global issues and help them build cross-cultural understanding and inclusiveness. As the main hub for internationalization at MSU Naawan, the OIAL is committed to supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion through bringing international students and scholars to campus, sending students abroad, supporting international collaborations, and providing international programming.


  • Be involved in the linkages with foreign governments, agencies, and foundations and collaborate with foreign universities.
  • Spearhead in developing an appropriate mechanism for strengthening internationalization efforts in support of the institutional goals;
  • Supports international students and scholars on campus;
  • Collaborates with faculty, staff, and stakeholders to further international scholarship, research, and learning;
  • Strengthens the integration of global learning opportunities in and out of the classroom that supports understanding and an appreciation of the world;
  • Offers a range of opportunities abroad in order to advance knowledge through a commitment to the importance of understanding other cultures

Our Team

Sheena A. Quimson
Darleen M. Reble
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