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Physical Plant Division

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Physical Plant Division

The Physical Plant Division (PPD) strives to maintain a welcoming and engaging environment for faculty, staff, students, and visitors alike. All employees at the Physical Plant continue to pursue complete customer and end-user satisfaction. The Division is also responsible for providing all customers with the most efficient and cost-effective services. The Division is also responsible for the completion of the repair, and maintenance together with the preparation of engineering, and architectural drawings or blueprints for the infrastructure projects as well as the supervision, and implementation for the completion of infrastructure projects, and constructions.

The Physical Plant Division is in charge of overseeing the following offices:

  • Physical Planning & Development Section
  • Ground & Building Maintenance & Janitorial Section
  • Motor pool & Transportation Section
  • Office of Disaster Risk Reduction & Management 


  • Job Request for Physical Plant Division Services
  • Materials and Cost Estimates Services
  • Repair and Maintenance Services
  • Vehicle Transportation Services
  • Utility/Janitorial Services
  • Lending/Borrowing of PPD Equipment
  • Checking the Borrowed PPD Equipment
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