Office of the Director for Extension
  • Dr. Renato D. Boniao - Director
  • Mr. Rustan C. Eballe - Staff
  • Ms. Liza Jaudian - Staff

Information for


  • The MSUN extension with relevant, programmatic, and creative trainings and interventions that are mindful of community‚Äôs needs leading to economic development and transformation.


  • MSUN endeavors to transform communities proactively through relevant trainings and intervention.


The MSUN extension endeavors:
To develop and sustain a pool of multi-disciplinary experts to serve the needs of the community

  • To promote holistic developments and transformation of individuals and communities through trainings and intervention;
  • To provide wide access to information;
  • To promote gender-sensitive programs;
  • To establish and sustain linkages;

Special Training Programs

  • This program was originally intended for individuals wanting to engage in hatchery or grow-out enterprise. It is a short-term intensive hands-on experience needed to start an aquaculture business especially on hatchery production. However, it is presently suspended because of the high cost of training and materials. We have opted for institutional training in situ with training costs charged to the sponsoring agency or organization. An example of this type is the hatchery training for sex-reversed tilapia fry conducted by request of a farmers' organization in Valencia Bukidnon sponsored in part by DOST-10. Another project is that for Kitong cage culture which was sponsored by RP-Canada Local Government Support Program (LGSP) in Region 9. To avail of this category of training, interested party writes a letter of intent to MSU Naawan c/o Dr. Elnor C. Roa, Chancellor, Naawan, Misamis Oriental or to Dr. Renato D. Boniao, Director of Extension, MSU Naawan, Misamis Oriental.

Student Trainings

  • This program caters primarily to students of the Mindanao State University for their practicum requirements. On a semestral basis, 10 to 15 senior students in the fisheries and biological sciences are admitted to this program. They are given an orientation on the scope of training and deployment procedures. Progress of their training engagements is monitored by the Training Coordinator. They are also required to render reports during and at the end of their training period and are given a certificate of completion of training. For details on pre-training requirements, see also Training Requirements.

Orientation and Educational Tours

  • An extension service, this is a public information task catering to groups on educational visit to the MSU Naawan research facilities. This can be availed of by writing to the Chancellor of MSU Naawan and providing the following information:
    1. Identity of the requesting party.
    2. Purpose of visit,
    3. number of persons visiting,
    4. expected date of visit and duration,
    5. special requests, if any.
  • Since educational tours may not be always accommodated because of conflict of organizational activities, it is important to get a confirmation from MSU Naawan prior to the actual visit. For this purpose, the requesting party should indicate a convenient contact address or phone number in the letter of request.