System Admission and Scholarship Examination (SASE)

Admission Guidelines

The MSU at Naawan Campus adopts the following SASE cut-off score for admission:

Raw Scores
  • 80 - BS Accountancy
  • 75 and above - BSBA and BS HRM
  • 64 and above - BS Program except Accountancy, BSBA, and BSHRM
  • 50 to 63 - Conditional--To enroll in BS program, must attend College Bound Program (CBP)/ Pre University Program (PUP)
  • 50 and above - Qualified to take DET (Computer Technology)
  • 49 and below - Qualified to take Fisheries and Agricultural Technology Program


  • Certification from High School Principal that the applicant is a graduating student, or Form 138-A (Report Card), or Certificate of Completion from Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) for out-of-school youth
  • Two(2) copies 2" x 2" ID pictures
  • Payment of P225.00 Testing fee (nonrefundable). Pay directly to MSU Campus Registrar/Admissions Officer/MSU SASE Test Center Coordinator at the test center at least two days before above date
  • Duly accomplished Application Form

Online Application

  • Log on to using Mozilla Firefox browser
  • Click Apply here
  • Fill out MSU SASE Registraton by supplying the following data:
  • 1. Email Address
  • 2. Password
  • 3. Retype password
  • 4. First name
  • 5. Middle name
  • 6. Last name
  • 7. Date of birth
  • 8. Gender
  • 9. Preferred Campus
  • 10. Out of school youth (Yes or No)
  • 11. Enter code shown below
  • 12. Click Apply
  • Upload your digital photo by clicking BROWSE then find your digital image from the directory; then click UPLOAD. (Note: Uploading of picture is optional)
  • STEP 1 Fill out Biographical Data Form then Click SAVE & CONTINUE STEP 2.
  • STEP 2 Fill out Educational Data Form then Click SAVE & CONTINUE STEP 3.
  • STEP 3 Fill out your Parents Information then Click SAVE & CONTINUE STEP 4.
  • STEP 4 Fill out Campus and Course Preference then Click SAVE & VIEW ALL INFO>>.
  • After filling out the online MSU SASE application form,
  • 1. Go to the designated MSU SASE Test Center nearest you
  • 2. Present the requirements and pay the P225.00 testing fee to Admissions Office/TC Coordinators or MSU SASE Examiner
  • 3. Submit duly accomplished form to the Admissions Office/ TC Coordinators or MSU SASE Examiner and
  • 4. Claim your duly processed Examination Permit.